Connecting Coaches

The next Connecting Coaches conference will be held in Dunedin. More details to follow in February 2018.

Dates 23 November 2018 – 24 November 2018

Connecting Coaches is the name given to national conferences seeking to lift the capability of coaching right across New Zealand’s sport system. So far three Connecting Coaches conferences have been held:

2007 - Wellington
2015 - Auckland
2016 – Dunedin

The conference now alternates between the South Island (hosted by Otago Academy of Sport) and the North Island (hosted by Sport New Zealand), and shares a common approach to creating a deeper learning environment for coaches that attend.

Attend and you will meet coaches from many different sports all collaborating on how to be a better coach. Together we’ll answer:

  • What are Kiwi coaches good at?
  • What do Kiwi athletes best respond to?
  • How can we lift our coaching individually and collectively?

Whatever your level, Connecting Coaches will give you the tools, connections and inspiration to grow as a coach.


Speaker slides from the 2015 conference

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Connecting Coaches 2016

Connecting Coaches 2015