Outdoor Recreation Research Agenda

11 June 2019

The agenda identifies priorities and issues, guided by the Outdoor Recreation Strategy (2009-2015).

Who is the agenda for?

The agenda is intended to help Sport New Zealand, other government agencies, outdoor recreation organisations, research institutions and researchers to work together to address strategic research topics and issues that will contribute towards the goals of the strategy.


The objectives of the agenda are to:

  • identify and address the research needs of the strategy
  • develop a coordinated and collaborative approach to addressing priority strategic research topics
  • communicate and promote strategic research needs
  • improve the translation, communication and delivery of research to decision-makers and practitioners, ensuring that research is adding value to a range of audiences.

The agenda sets out a list of priorities and research topics for the four years from 2011 to 2015.

More information

Email Hamish McEwen, Intelligence Manager.

See also

Outdoor Recreation Strategy (2009-2015).