Future of Sport in New Zealand

11 June 2019

This report looks to New Zealand’s future from 2015 to 2030, and the opportunities and challenges for sport.

As with any futures research, we are always confronted with three key challenges: the future is not predetermined, the future is not predictable, and future outcomes can be influenced by our choices in the present. This report does not aim to predict the future. It does however attempt to ground the findings in what we are seeing today, and how the seeds of today might evolve into the future.

This report offers questions, rather than prescriptive solutions. The directions we present are not mutually exclusive. They co-exist and are likely to be part of the lives of different people at different times of their life stages.

It is put forward to support a robust and grounded debate about the future of New Zealand sport, for all involved in sport to think deeply about the emerging opportunities and challenges that could impact people’s participation and involvement in sport, and the role we can all play in responding.

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