Guide to finding a resource

A quick tour of our resources section.

Who it’s for

Managing Sport is for those doing just that, including national and regional sports bodies, outdoor recreation specialists, schools and sports clubs.

What’s in it

All content in Managing Sport is one (and sometimes two) of these types: case studies, guidelines, programmes and projects, research, tools and resources, strategy and policy, presentations and news.

How it works

When you first come to Managing Sport, you’ll see our latest content arranged on the right-hand side, under the head New & recently updated (1).


You can browse New & recently updated or choose to see all results by subject, which Managing Sport calls a category. That’s done via the Explore by category menu (2).

Alternatively, you might want to search across all of Managing sport, using the advanced search link at the bottom of the Explore by category list (3).

Both options are outlined below.

Search by category

Choose a category from the Explore by category menu.

  • Clubkit: advice on running and starting a club.
  • Coaching: for people who develop coaches, and those creating a coaching pathway.
  • Events: attract, retain, grow and enhance major events
  • Facilities: planning for facilities development, partnering guidelines and case studies, and facilities assessment tools.
  • Integrity in sport: resources and advice about preventing match fixing and supporting anti-doping work.
  • Maori: Participating in sport and recreation as Maori and resources in te reo.
  • Recreation: outdoor and other types of recreation.
  • Research: National and regional information on sport and recreation.
  • Strong organisations: improve the management and financial performance of sports organisations, and services to members.
  • Volunteers and officials: recruiting and training volunteers and officials.
  • Young people: guides and resources covering school and non-school sport, physical literacy, funding, leadership and more.

Advanced search

Click the advanced search link to search across all categories.

Using the drop-downs

Filter your search using the drop-downs, starting at category and sub-category. The more drop-downs you select from, the more refined (and fewer) the results. Hit the "Filter Category" button to return results.

If you’d just like to see all resources for a particular subject (“Governance” in the case below), select Strong organisations (1), “Governance” from the sub-category menu (2), and click “Filter Category” (3).