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Why coach?

Coaches play a key role in New Zealand’s sporting community. Coaching is a great way to express your passion for sport and to enrich the lives of New Zealanders. It's exciting and satisfying, and will help you stay actively involved. There are lots of ways to start. For example:

Talk to a school or club

Sometimes the best way to get started in coaching is to assist another coach. In particular, most school and club coaches will be glad for some coaching help. To find your nearest club or school, contact your regional sports trust (RST).

What do I need to know to become a coach?

A good way to start to learn about coaching is to complete the following interactive, introductory modules that are hosted on the Greater Auckland Coaching Unit (GACU) website:

  • Get started in coaching - includes tips on the role of the coach, communication and how to run a practice session.
  • Safety Net - includes ideas on how to create a safe environment for the kids (or adults) you coach.

If you want to find out more about generic (not sport-specific) coach development opportunities in your region contact your local RST. Alternatively, have a look at the workshops currently offered by each RST through their website.

Got a sport in mind?

To learn more about coaching for a specific sport (e.g. netball), contact that sport’s national governing body. They'll know about the next available coaching workshop in your region or what’s available online.

Managing sport

Our Managing sport section has resources for more experienced coaches and people who develop coaches, such as national sports organisations.