Women and Girls

Our Government is committed to championing equality for women and girls in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Commitment Progress

Designed to update progress around the delivery of the Sport NZ commitments to address the inequities for women and girls.

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Learn more about funding to engage young women to be physically active and lead through play, active recreation and sport.



October 2019 marks one year since the Government’s strategy for Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation was launched. To mark this milestone, Sport NZ is looking back at some of the highlights which have taken place.

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See the commitment progress for the Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation Strategy.

We know there are clear inequalities for women and girls when it comes to participation, and their wider involvement and visibility within sport and active recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We’ve developed an infographic to illustrate the Case for Change that we hope you’ll find valuable.  

We now have an exciting opportunity to improve the opportunities, visibility and value for women and girls through the Government’s Strategy for Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation which strives to achieve equity for all women and girls as well as seeking to understand and address the multiple barriers women and girls can face.  

  • The vision for the Government’s Strategy is to enable women and girls to realise theithroughr potential in and through sport and active recreation   
  • The Strategy has three priority areas: leadership, participation, and value and visibility  
  • Above all the Strategy aims to ensure that all women and girls, in all roles, are visible, feel positive about the contribution they make, and value being involved and participating in all levels of sport and active recreation.   

This strategy picks up the momentum of a global movement towards empowering women and girls  being active, recognising the value of this as a means to improve wellbeing and equity. It acknowledges that women and girls are not homogenous groups and have differing needs that must be met in order to best support and engage with them.   

The strategy development process included engaging extensively with our partners and other stakeholders, both within and outside the sport and recreation sector. All organisations in the sector have a role to play by considering who they can work with to create equity for women and girls.  

We will lead from the front in mobilising the strategy and giving momentum to that collective action.  

Through Sport NZ the Government will invest at least $10m over the next three years on 22 initiatives to enable more women and girls to realise their potential in and through sport and active recreation – these include:  

  • An integrated marketing campaign to increase participation, visibility and value  
  • contestable activation fund to seek and enable fresh ideas and approaches for getting more women and girls physically active. 
  • Supporting our partners to make their own organisational change, and more broadly drive initiatives to support women and girls realising their leadership ambitions  
  • Developing a Champions for Change programme with key sector leaders. These will be powerful advocates for our critically important movement.   

You can read more about how we will bring the Strategy to life in the Sport NZ Commitments.  

Through our Insights Approach, we have undertaken work to better understand girls and young women. You can read more in our Girls and Young Women Profile and the relevant case studies.

New funds to support initiatives to get young women active - launching soon.

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