COVID-19 Sector advice

Information and help for the sector throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Funding and Support

Sector Support2

Events Sector Voluntary Code addressing COVID-19

The COVID Code is specifically aimed at the events sector to reduce COVID-19 related risks.

Contact Tracing

Advice to sports facilities on contract tracing.

Hygiene and Sanitation Guidance

Advice for Sport and Recreation Facility Operators.

Sport Season Transition Guidelines

National guidelines to help inform the 2020 winter to summer season transition.

Employment Support

Answers to our partner organisations most common employment related questions.

Governance Information

Resources and relevant information for Chairs, directors and trustees.

Information for the sport, recreation and play sector

Resources where you can find informed, timely information.

Sector Templates

Helpful templates to guide you through pandemic and business continuity planning.

Sector Updates

Updates emailed to our partner organisations during COVID-19.

Financial Support

Answers to our partner organisations most common finance related questions.

Financial support

The Future of Play, Active Recreation and Sport

Ensuring the sector is fit for the future.