Leadership Development System for Sport and Recreation

The continued success of sport and recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand depends on great leadership and better collaboration within our sector.

That’s why Sport NZ has established a Leadership Development System, specifically for people who work and volunteer in sport and recreation.

Phase 1 of the Leadership Development System includes the Leadership Framework - designed in consultation with the sector, resources, programmes and tools. The aim is to help grow leadership capability – even if you are not in a formal leadership role – to better deliver outcomes for your communities.

The resources are free and include self-paced workbooks that provide ideas and inspiration, reflective questions and practical ideas and suggestions to help develop your leadership capability. For more information about the framework and resources, visit Sport Tutor.  

In addition to the resources there are three programmes available:  

  • The Executive Leaders Programme is an invitation-only programme designed to support those currently in a Leading Organisation role to drive transformational change for themselves and their organisation. 

Participation on the latter two programmes are by nomination, which closes 30 April 2019. 

Leadership is everyone’s responsibility; it is not tied to a position or a title. Leadership is about how we do what we do. It’s a role we can all play! 


For further information, contact Natalie Stevens, Consultant Workforce natalie.stevens@sportnz.org.nz or phone 027 658 4144.