Supporting good governance through board diversity.

In October 2018 the Government launched its strategy for Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation. At the same time, Sport NZ launched its response to this Strategy, which included a commitment to achieving a board gender diversity target. 

A core function of boards is to consider issues from a range of perspectives. What we know through evidence, is that diversity, including gender, supports this function by bringing a breadth of perspective. This results in better decision-making and creates stronger and more sustainable organisations.

Sport NZ will be working with partners to meet a minimum requirement of 40% self-identified females and 40% self-identified males on their boards by December 2021. This will be a formal condition of investment for Sport NZ Group partners.

Pleasing progress has already been made within the play, active recreation and sport system championing and embracing diversity, and this target will help realise the benefits collective action can bring, driving better outcomes and long-term success.

Board Gender Diversity Target – Frequently Asked Questions updated Dec 19


Gender diversity – starting the journey

This is an opportunity to take on a leadership role in supporting good governance through board diversity, in this instance gender. 

Sport NZ is available to assist partners through an approach to this process. For further information, please contact your Sport NZ Partnership Manager in the first instance.   



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