How we invest

Our investment focus


Sport NZ invests public money to contribute to the Government’s priorities. Knowing that we can’t invest in everything, we focus on where we believe our investment will deliver the greatest impact on our outcomes.  

We are aligning investment to our Strategic Plan 2020-2024 to demonstrate our commitment to three Key Results Areas and fulfil our investment principles.

Our investment approach has changed in several important ways.  These are key features of our new investment approach: 

  • Investment will be aligned to greater targeting to improve the physical activity levels of tamariki and rangatahi
  • Using our investment to leverage other investment and resources in the system
  • Unlocking and retaining a portion of investment from our Investment Portfolio to enable opportunities to experiment while sustaining what is working well, and flexibility to explore opportunities with new investment partners
  • Three investment categories with differing characteristics – Partnerships, Funds and Programmes
  • Different periods of commitment, allowing us to be responsive while also giving some certainty to the system
  • Most Partnerships investment will be committed for four years (if the partner meets agreed expectations), while other investment will be committed for one, two or three-year periods.

Investment decisions under Strategic Plan 2020-2024
  • 2020-2024 investment decisions available soon

More about our investment framework
Investment decisions under previous strategies