Club Member Experience Survey

Club and traditional membership is changing, and for sports and recreation organisations there is a critical need to understand what can be done to keep people engaged.

Sport NZ’s club experience survey has been developed for NSOs to understand club level player experiences and how they might adapt to meet people’s changing needs.

When people have a better club experience they are more likely to continue to play, and advocate for the club.

While the results of each sport are different, we're starting to see strong national trends around the drivers of club membership.


2016/17 Survey Results

In 2016/17 10 sports took part in the survey.

Download the summary of the Voice of the Participant 2016/17 Survey (PDF, 80 KB), or read the interactive version online

Download the full report of the Voice of the Participant 2016/17 Survey (PDF, 5.78 MB)

To find out more or to register your interest in taking part in the next round of surveys, email the insights team.

How to get involved

The club experience survey runs twice a year - once to coincide with summer sport, and once to coincide with winter sport. Members of clubs are invited to complete a short and simple survey online.

Once complete, NSOs receive a full report on their members’ club experience. To register your interest in taking part in the next round of surveys email the insights team.

The Objectives of the Voice of the Participant Programme Are

  • to empower the sport system to respond to the wants and needs of customers.
  • to embed processes that continually put the customer at the centre of decision making.
  • to improve the development and delivery of products and services that meet the needs of customers.
  • to complement and systematise existing customer information and the processes by which customer information is gathered and analysed.


How can the survey help your clubs?

Find out:

  • How satisfied members are
  • How likely members are to recommend their club, and re-join next year
  • What factors to focus on to drive a positive member experience
  • How the club experiences differs across demographics and club tenure – and how clubs can ensure everyone is catered for.


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