Kiwidex manual

11 June 2019

Ideas and games for teachers and physical activity providers. For children 5-12 years.

Fun, informal activities develop the basic movement skills used in sport and other physical activities.

They encourage kids to be spontaneous and creative, and give them the enthusiasm and confidence to move into sport and stay involved.

The activities can be adapted to suit the children, facilities and people available to lead them.


  1. Intro (PDF)
  2. Warm-up (PDF)
  3. Partner activities (PDF)
  4. Relays (PDF)
  5. Games (PDF)
  6. Running/walking (PDF)
  7. Balls and hoops (PDF)
  8. Circuits (PDF)
  9. Music (PDF)
  10. Activities in water (PDF)
  11. Conclusion (PDF)

Hard copies

Hard copies of KiwiDex are no longer available.

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